The Kind Cast is back and today Kristina’s got Elspeth as our honorary guest and a true Mankind OG. Elspeth starts things off right with Fiori CBD Capsules, upon which she takes daily. Fiori CBD capsules are cannabis derived, not hemp, therefore have more medicinal and therapeutic side-effects. Elspeth likes to take these throughout the day for a high energy store; especially for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Fiori CBD capsules are absolutely a Kind Team fan favorite! We all use them quite diversely for maintaining overall health, relieving stress, and supporting functionality throughout the day.

Elspeth is a true to form indica lover and brought her favorite strain: The Toad by Tyson Ranch, as well. The Toad is heralded for its extremely high potency and its immediate psychoactive effects. This strain is incredible for anyone that is using cannabis to treat PTSD, arthritis, insomnia, and/or depression. It has an incredible bud structure with perfectly formed trichomes. Hey Mr. Tyson, if you are watching- we love your weed!!!

This episode also takes us down the path of nanomolecular technology with Kristina. Join Kristina as she explains the low down on Kanha Treats: Nano gummies. (Now available in vegan flavors!!) Nanomolecular technology is unique, as it hits your bloodstream with more immediacy. If you want to find out more, tune in to this episode of Mankind’s only The Kind Cast!


Mankind is located off 7128 Miramar Rd in San Diego and you can find us online at

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